Unibrite                   Port Washington, N.Y. 11050

Phone: 516-551-8414                                             Email: info@unibrite .com

 Silicon Carbide, Aluminum Oxide, Alumina, Glass Beads, Vibratory Compounds

Since 1956

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Blending/Sizing:  We will custom blend and size material to meet your specifications with consistent results from batch to batch.


Packaging;   We can custom pack products for your convenience ,and to minimize the risk of injury to personnel and increase the efficiency of your operation.


Coating:   Our custom coating will reduce the tendency of agglomeration between particles increasing the flow or enhancing bonding with resins. This will allow for higher loading and reduce costs producing a superior product. Special coating specified by your engineering department can also be applied.


Shipping  We will custom pack any of our products, label them and ship directly to your customers . This is a cost effective way to distribute allowing you to concentrate on marketing.

Last modified: 12/23/09