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Mini Vibratory Tumblers

The  M-5 Tabletop Mini Vibratory machine holds 25 ring castings with media or will process about four pounds of material. Bowl diameter is 8" with new convenient solid lid system. Shipping weight is 7 lbs.                M-5 #23-001  $110.00        

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  Model M-5

The M-10 Tabletop Mini Vibe 10" diameter Model M-10 has heavy duty drive and suspension combined with tough, cross-linked polyethylene bowl. Machine comes equipped for use with a  compound rinsing system. Capacity of bowl is .10 cu. ft. Machine bowl is supplied with noise dampening cover and liquid drain. Shipping weight is 12 lbs. #23-009   M-10        $275.00

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     Model M-10

The M-25SS 13" diameter Mini Vibe M-25SS, Designed with heavy duty drive and suspension system and additional adjustable amplitude. Machine bowl is equipped with noise dampening cover and liquid drain. Model M25SS is designed for use with steel media. Shipping weight of 22 lbs. #25-019   M-25SS     $650.00

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  Model M-25SS

The M-40 16" diameter Mini Vibe M-40 vibratory machines are compact, yet have a capacity of .35 cu. ft. and are equipped with amplitude adjustment, inlet and outlet ports for compound rinsing systems, and heavy duty cross linked polyethylene bowl construction. Sound dampening covers are standard. A convenient tumble feature can be ordered.  M-40TD.The M-40SS is designed for use with Stainless steel media. Shipping weight is 51 lbs.          M-40 #23-026   $1,100.00

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  Model M-40

The M-75 20" diameter Mini Vibe Model 75 vibratory tumbler is a full .75 cu. ft. capacity machine that offers increased productivity.  The machine is equipped with a heavy duty drive system that includes convenient amplitude adjustment. M-75 shipping weight is 61 lbs. #23-040  $1,375.00


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  Model M-75

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