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Emery is commonly used in abrasive applications for surface finishing of materials.  Emery is used as a loose abrasive, in bonded and coated abrasive applications.  Emery is commonly used as filler in flooring applications.  

Particle Size: Emery is available in all sizes from 3 mm to as fine as 45 microns

 Typical Chemistry:


Al2O3                                                                   64.51 %

SiO2                                                     5.52 %

FeO                                                     26.09 %

TiO2                                                                      3.18 %

Na2O                                                   0.04 %

CaO                                                     0.29 %

K2O                                                     0.06 %

MnO                                                    0.05 %

MgO                                                    0.26 %

ZrO2                                                                     0.09 %

P2O5                                                                     0.13 %

Loss of ignition:  1000 degrees Celsius

Chemistry Determined by X-Ray Diffraction

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