Boron Carbide, BORON CARBIDE - B4C


Boron Carbide

 Boron Carbide is used for many industrial application such as grinding, metal and

ceramic lapping, refractory raw material, structural ceramics, honing and surface blasting.

 It is offered in a technical  refractory grade.

                                                 TYPICAL CHEMICAL ANALYSIS

B 4 C                                                    96.17%

B 2 C                                                      0.22

Total boron                                         78.55

Total Carbon                                       18.5

Free Boron                                           0.24                                  

Free Carbon                                        1.27

Al                                                         0.05

Fe                                                         0.20 % Max 

Ph                                                         7.0

Magnetic Fe                                          0.0001 Max

Specific Gravity                                    2.50


               Macro Grit--ANSI or FEBA sized 8-240 Grit

Micro Sized--FEBAJIS, ANSI--280-1600 Grit

Custom sizes such as -200F and micron grades  12,25, 45 etc