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                            VIBRATORY AND TUMBLING MEDIA
                                             PLASTIC MEDIA


DURAMEDIA®Plastic is available in high performance, high density and low density formulations to meet the needs of specific applications and a variety of finishes. All formulations ensure extended life, consistency of performance and reduced effluent – conforming to environmental and ecological standards.


High Performance Media
Formulated for use in specific applications involving ferrous metals. These medias will provide a dramatic improvement in surface finishes with the impact-resistance of a plastic body, which significantly decreases fracturing and impingement.

High Density Media
Designed for superior cut and stock removal on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. In most instances these high-density medias will reduce cycle times and provide vastly improved finishes in applications ranging from deburring of hard metals to fine finishes on intricate parts.

Low Density Media
Formulated for a wide range of applications. These general purpose medias can be used for deburring, flash removal, burnishing and preplate finishing.

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