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 Silicon Carbide, Aluminum Oxide, Alumina, Glass Beads, Vibratory Compounds

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Green Silicon Carbide

High Purity Green

Our Green Silicon Carbide is produced in an internal resistance furnace using a mixture of high purity silica sand and coke fused at temperatures as high as 4500 F. State of the art processing equipment is utilized to tightly control size distribution meeting ANSI standards on Macro grits and  FEPA standards. or JIS standards Micro grits

                                                                                            Typical Chemistry

Silicon Carbide     SiC                        98.1%

Free Silicon            Si                            0.8

Free Carbon            C                            0.6

Iron                            Fe                        0.02

Aluminum                 Al                        0.01

Titanium                    Ti                        <0.01


Crystal Form                                        Hexagonal

Specific Density                                    3.20 g/cc

Hardness                                                Knoop = 2500, Mohs = 9

Melting point                                        2300 C


Macro  F12  to    F240

Micro        F280, F320, F360, F400,  F400, F600, F800, F1000, F1200, High surface area sub micron material available.


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