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 Silicon Carbide, Aluminum Oxide, Alumina, Glass Beads, Vibratory Compounds

Since 1956

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We carry the complete line of Quality ROYSON Vibratory finishing equipment. This includes all sizes of Bowls and Rectangular Tubs. For that small job please look at the Mini line.

Vibratory Compounds---A Complete of De-Burring, Burnishing, Brightening, Part washing  and Rust preventives.

EB Series---Complete line of Round Bowls


BT Series---Large Rectangular Tubs.


C Series-----Small and Medium sized Rectangles Tubs

Mini Tumbling Barrels--- A Mini line of tumble barrels

Mini Vibratory Bowls---A Mini series of Vibratory Bowls.

Settling Tanks---Settling and Rinsing Tanks

Liquid Compound Delivery Systems---Compound delivery systems for liquid compounds

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