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 Silicon Carbide, Aluminum Oxide, Alumina, Glass Beads, Vibratory Compounds

Since 1956

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Unibrite is a processor and distributor of non-metallic industrial minerals. Started in 1956 as  vibratory finishers of metal products  in the greater New York City area, the company quickly expanded into producing their own line of vibratory finishing compounds. It later added equipment and other abrasive medias. Today we service a global customer base in both basic and High tech manufacturing applications. We operate our own processing plant and warehouse in Long Island, N.Y. on the shores of the Long Island Sound.

Application range from grinding wheels, coated abrasives, sand blasting , lapping, brake pads, friction products, polishes, refractory products, jewelry manufacturing,  raw materials for hi tech ceramics and refractory products, dental finishing media, Microdermabrasion and other industrial applications where dry bulk raw materials of hi quality are required.

Products range from Alumina, Black and Green Silicon Carbide for Refractory, Abrasive and High Purity applications, Brown and White Aluminum Oxide, ATH, Boron Carbide, Fumed Silica, Glass Beads for Milling, Blasting and Filtration. In addition to these products, we still produce the complete line of Unibrite Metal Finishing Compounds for vibratory and tumble barrel finishing plus both plastic and ceramic media.

Equipment lines include automatic and standard sandblasting cabinets, Vibratory Finishing, Barrels, Bowls and Tubs both large production models to smaller units..  We also have a complete line of Micro pencil blasters for small precision parts,  dentals labs, jewelry manufacturers, glass etching and any other job that requires precision blasting.

Processing Capabilities range from specialty packaging, surface coating, blending to specialty sizing of dry bulk materials. We will attempt to meet your special process requirement. Please ask one of our representatives if we can perform what your needs are.  

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